Vehicle wrap design software

The Design Studio is a light-weight floating app that sits on your site and allows your visitors to mock-up their design on any template you can imagine. When the customer is happy with their mock-up they can submit the completed work along with their info directly to you for further details. We have created our own drag and drop template system for the Design Studio. Create your template and drop it into your Design Studio.

All changes are live immediately! You can use templates for anything from t-shirts to cornhole boards! The Design Studio gives you complete control with a live customizer. Brand it, setup how your product catalog is displayed and even choose between a fixed position for the widget or make it a floating window on every page of your site. All fast and easy!

You can also upload your own collection of graphics fast and easy! The full screen interface is easy to use and enables your customers to design mock-ups anywhere. Easily upload and manage your own collection of digital art, wraps and graphics in your Design Studio to show your customers what your shop is capable of.

New graphics and digital art files from Aurora are updated frequently giving you the power to sell from an ever growing catalog of professionally generated graphics and print files! Right of the box your Design Studio provides over 1, vehicle templates.

And you can easily make your own to add!

How To Make Car Wrap Concepts In Photoshop Pro CC

The Design Studio is compatible with tshirts, refrigerators, motorcycles, boats and most any other type of product you can make a template of. The Design Studio can be modified to fit any genre of products all the way down to categories, parent child hierarchies, or template search functionality. Over pre-installed fonts with all the tools needed to change colors, stroke widths, bolds and italics.

Sample fonts fast with live font preview. Your clients can easily upload and knock the white background off their logos with a single click. You can also add your own in combination or use only your own! Upload and manage your own designs to appear categorized and beautifully displayed for your clients. Allow your clients to upload their own creations and designs into the design studio to get an even better idea what they want in their wrap.

Not only does the Design Studio serve as an effective online mock-up tool for your customers, but it also serves to increase customer engagement with your website and your business. Your customers have both the ability to design what they like and also request a quote directly from you. Built-in tools allow you to see your customers engagement in real-time.

With the Design Studio running on your site your customers are given the ability to mockup any design you can dream up onto any template you create or upload.

Create your templates and upload them fast and easy into the Design Studio. You can organize template categories too! Do you have specific banner sizes you offer? Your design studio is customizable to allow browsing that fits your needs! On top of adding your own templates you can also add your own private artwork and graphical elements. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Generate excitement from your customers about their potential new vehicle wrap! Trailers Helmets Refrigerators Mailboxes.

Tshirts Surfboards Skate Boards …And so much more. Search for:.Utilizing Photoshop as the host program, these high-resolution tiff files provide even the most novice user the ability to effectively create and print a vehicle wrap. New Video! See how to customize your backgrounds with our Textures.

This Trades collection consists of layered. PSD images with transparent backgrounds.

vehicle wrap design software

For easy use, Camo Skins is supplied with a full color 88 page reference catalog. This software is designed in house. Now you can purchase our first 4 collections together on 2 DVD's along with a full color 56 page catalog detailing the design options.

Art Station Vehicle Templates have the highest quality and detailed vehicle outlines available. Graphic designers who expect every detail of their artwork to look as professional as possible choose Art Station Vehicle Templates because of the accuracy, quality and consistency of each template. Made especially for the vehicle wraps industry the edition contains over 10, of the most popular vehicle outlines. This edition contains over 10, of the most popular vehicle outlines in the market.

Accuracy, Detail and Quality is what sets us apart from the rest! Click here for free samples. Quickly and easily quote your next wrap job! Easy to use Reference Guide to help you give your customers prices without having get your own measurements!

Click Here to view and or download sample pages. They are always easy to use and high resolution.

vehicle wrap design software

It makes designing our car wraps and other graphics way quicker and easier! Darcy, I finally grabbed the artwork we bought from you and made a quick hockey banner that has some cool elements in just 15 minutes. I put the Irish green flame dude in the background on the grunge looking wall and added their logos and text.

Cool Stuff! We have used Taylor Digital Imaging products for years, from the graphics to the wrap master collection.

It has helped to design and take products to a new level that has set us apart from the competition. Anyone serious about design these are must have. Taylor Digital packages are the most impressive that I have seen, and the only ones I have actually purchased personally. I have the set and the Extreme Wrap Master 1 and 2. I have had a lot of success with the DVD collections ,especially the Air brush madness series and the Print and Cut Auto graphics, my clients are blown away at the detail and quality of all the designs.

I highly recommend Taylor Digital Imaging products. You have great products and prices! Salem, Wisconsin. Xtreme Graphic collections have been a great product for ND Graphics, and our customers. Not many have the digital expertise that the graphics artists at Taylor Digital do. Many of our customers find that the cost of a DVD package is covered with the first job they do with the artwork.

Xtreme Graphics DVDs are a must for any shop with a digital printer. Montreal Canada. I would highly recommend these graphics packages to anyone! All the files are easily workable and the cut files are perfect.Discussion in ' Vehicle Wraps ' started by kustomguyJan 4, Welcome To Signs This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Tags: adobe illustrator signlab vehicle wraps. Jan 4, 1. Hi Everyone. Been in the custom paint, commercial lettering business for years. I have always uses Illustrator and Photoshop to design and then rip and print with versaworks with a Roland. I recently purchased a Mutoh and scd cutter to get serious about the vehicle wrap business.

I also purchased Cadlink's Signlab to rip, print, and cut for that new equipment. Learning Signlab is like learning another language after 15 years of Adobe. I am looking for opinions from guys with experience like mine about whether or not I should even try to learn Signlab and just continue using AI and Photoshop to design my work.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experiences. One more question to start a debate Jan 4, 2. Illustrator and Photoshop. Jan 4, 3. Corel Draw. But that is what I think. If you are familiar with Adobe products just keep using them. A lot of wrap designers use Adobe. I would guess the majority do. Jan 4, 4. I appreciate the opinions. So does that mean the only thing I need Signlab for is to rip, print and cut?

Just bring in the. I paid a lot for that software, I am starting to wonder if it was necessary. The Mutoh came with Flexi 8 but the dealer said it was bare necessities for rip and print.

Jan 4, 5. Jan 4, 6. Well, basically we used ai and ps to do all design and exported to versaworks for rip, print and cut When we bought the Mutoh it came with a rip, print, and cut version of Flexi that offers no design capabilities.Choose a generic car model — a sports car for example, or chose a specific branded car model.

Rotate and zoom the model freely. The app features vehicle 3D models from many car manufacturers. There is also a set of free generic vehicle car models for the most popular car categories. We are continuously adding new car models. Let us know at Car Wrapper Facebook page which ones you like. We transformed the real wrap materials from brands available on the market into the app. Further brands being added on the go. Choose the desired material finish and color.

Matt, gloss, chrome, metallic, pearl, carbon fiber, brushed metal… and many more. Take it to your palette and apply it on the car. Simply drag the color from the palette to the Full-wrap icon and have the car fully wrapped in a second.

You can also personalize every car body part with a different color or effect. Rotate and zoom the car for real viewing experience. Car Wrapper has it all for you to impress. And it can also help you to roughly calculate the material need with chosen reserve, as well as share the material choice by e-mail, or easily turn the e-mail into a quote. Or manage your PRO contacts. More PRO features yet to come. For users Finding the closest wrap shop has never been easier!

Find a wrap shop near you, get contact information to get a quote and driving directions to get wrapped! Map listing map carwrapper.

Car wrap simulation app for wrap professionals and car enthusiasts. Create a car wrap proposal in a minute. Choose exact car 3D model.

vehicle wrap design software

Models from various car manufacturers. Choose material color and finish.

vehicle wrap design software

Real wrap materials from premium brands. Full or partial wrapping? Personalize every car body detail. Or wrap the whole car at once. Choose car model Choose a generic car model — a sports car for example, or chose a specific branded car model. Use real wrapping media We transformed the real wrap materials from brands available on the market into the app. Full or partial wrap Simply drag the color from the palette to the Full-wrap icon and have the car fully wrapped in a second.Vehicle wraps are a very popular design product for small businesses.

The side of their vehicles is a great advertising space that will be seen by many people. Many vehicle wraps are made of large, printed vinyl stickers that are applied to the surface of the vehicle. However, designing these effective ads can be a little complex. Any designer who decides to undertake a vehicle wrap project should at least be at an intermediate skill level with standard graphic design programs and do their research before they jump into it.

Before you even start designing anything, you need to obtain an accurate template. If not, they can purchase them for you at car blueprint templates websites like this one or ask their vehicle wrap printer to provide them with one.

Next, find out which vehicle printing company the client is using and what their specifications are.

Pro Vehicle Outlines

Lastly, ask your client to provide you with high quality photos of their vehicle and to let you know which car model it is. Ask if there any irregularities on the cars surface that may be different than existing templates. You should be asking them about what type of vehicle wrap designs they like. You can also create the design in the template files, but many designers find it easier to Photoshop the design on a photo of the vehicle first.

Follow this great tutorial on how to do it this tutorial is great too. Make sure that any mockup you create can be easily recreated or applied to the template files before you show it to your client. Mockups are great for showing your client how the design could look in real life and for getting their approval for the final design. Vehicle wrap print files can be created in either Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. At 99designs, we prefer that our designers deliver Adobe Illustrator files in vehicle wrap handovers, since some vehicle wrap printers only accept vector files for printing.

Click here to view some short tutorials on how to apply a vehicle wrap design to a template file using either vector or raster programs. Provide your client with either. Makes sure that they know the name or own a license to all fonts used in your design.

If any photos or other raster images were used in the design, include the raw photo file as well so that the vehicle wrap people can use it if they need to adjust your files. Vehicle wrap projects can be a challenge, but it can be one of the most rewarding examples of watching your designs come to life on a big, fast-moving object.

Our newsletter is for everyone who loves design! Let us know if you're a freelance designer or not so we can share the most relevant content for you. By completing this form, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Designers, check out these contests so you can start building your career. Get a design. Add in bleeds to each piece of the template. The design will have to wrap around objects like the edges of doors, and adding extra bleed will help the design grip to the car.

Ready to get your own amazing vehicle wrap? Our designers will get you covered. Learn more. You're in! You proved us right again.Posted on Wed, Oct, 02, Here, we take a look at the top four along with the pros and cons of each. Also popular among graphic designers is Adobe Photoshop. The latest version of Photoshop Plus has little disadvantages to speak of except Vector images cannot be created in the program.

CorelDraw has been a popular vehicle graphics design software program for some time and some of the pros include:. FlexiSign offers a complete solution for design and output of vinyl and digital print graphics and some of the pros include:. We offered some screenshots within this post to give you an idea of the look and feel of each of these vehicle wrap design software programs. As with most all types of software, your choice may depend on features, ease of use and your design experience.

It's also important to have the right vehicle wrap templates to ensure an accurate design. One program may be best for beginners where the experts can tackle just about any of these vehicle graphics programs. Need more information on each of these programs and how they work? Tag: best vehicle wrap design softwarebest program for vehicle wrap designpros and cons of vehicle wrap software.

Easily compatible with other Adobe programs. Color profiling translates well. Easy to draw and create a clean Vector image Cons: With the pros of this vehicle graphic design program there are also some cons: Limited art board. Can be tricky with aligning objects. Not easy to make an outline beyond the stroke. Can be very overwhelming for a beginner.

Effects are not as good as Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop Also popular among graphic designers is Adobe Photoshop. Very versatile software. Can import Vector images. Easy to resize image size canvas size, and DPI.

Easy to add effects. The best way to clean up an existing piece of artwork to prepare for print. Cons: The latest version of Photoshop Plus has little disadvantages to speak of except Vector images cannot be created in the program. Easier to get comfortable with if you are a beginner.

Easy to center and align objects uses keystroke shortcuts. Great weld tools. Easier to select a single object than Illustrator. Cons: As with other graphic design programs, the disadvantages include: Limited art board.

Not many in the design industry use it. Text is not always very clean. Is not easily compatible with other Adobe design software. Step and repeat commands. Quick measurement assessment. Unlimited art board. Cons: With all the features FlexiSign comes with there are some cons including: Not compatible with most other design software.

Color management going from one program to another is not always accurate.Used for mobile marketing and personalizing, vehicle wraps are in steady demand.

However, the design process is challenging due to vehicle measurements, curvature, and overlapping panels. Software with application-specific tools overcome these challenges to provide a better workflow. Print service providers PSPs implement wrap software to save time and create better results. Wrap software includes templates, design programs, and clip art.

These tools offer print providers premade layouts, helpful shortcuts, and artwork for cars, trucks, and boats. Design Accuracy Wrap software saves time by eliminating the need to measure vehicles and create templates from scratch. The programs include features like pre-measured dimensions for various vehicle models. This detailed accuracy helps to prevent lost revenue from designs that need to be corrected multiple times or installation errors if something was designed improperly.

Dave Dorsey, president, Aurora Graphics Inc. Wrap software tackles the vehicle curvature, spaces, handles, and angles considered during artwork creation. Furthermore, vehicle wrap software standardizes the initial quote and customer proposal process.

Templates for Efficiency Wrap templates include libraries of pre-designed canvases for nearly any vehicle. PSPs may purchase desired templates based upon client demands. The SAi store offers over 4, vehicle templates available as photorealistic or full-size vector outlines. The templates are instantly downloadable after purchase. The Bad Wrap also offers photographic templates. The templates are tenth scale, layered, masked, and design ready. According to Green, the primary issue facing template use is ensuring the template library provides accurate measurements for all vehicle components and includes detailed vehicle trim placement.

Pro Vehicle Outlines is an 8GB file format accompanied by a reference book and an online subscription for immediate access to new vehicle templates.

The templates are designed to import into existing design software. Green says this makes the learning curve for Pro Vehicle Outlines virtually non-existent.

The software includes over 10, vehicles from to He suggests bleeds to allow enough vinyl for manipulation in any direction. Artwork Collections Clip art is artwork sold in collection sets that provide pre-designed graphics for vehicle wraps.

Quick Facts

The images include universal symbols and simple elements to inspire designers. Clip art eliminates the need to create custom graphics or textures. Instead, clip art directly imports into the design program. Dorsey says large digital art sought by the vinyl industry is a relatively new arena. Raster artwork that is output ready in raw form may be Design Programs Design software enables adding, moving, and resizing graphic elements.

Dorsey says that from artwork creation to final editing, design programs are vital and a mainstay within the vinyl industry. The software allows designers to save on costs and time. Design software is sold alone or included in packages with templates and clip art collections.

Design a Vehicle Wrap

It provides built-in templates and step-by-step tutorials. The software includes special tools for node editing, font management and selection, and integrates vendor-specific color palettes for accuracy.

Its design elements feature a knife tool that creates cut overlaps to tuck vinyl wraps inside vehicle doors and around angles.